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Find the Funkiest Festival!

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016

When summer rolls around festival time begins whether that’s in Edinburgh or Glastonbury, there’s something for everyone. There’s a lot of tips out there for festival goers and the biggest one is to bring the wellies: British weather cannot be guaranteed and it always seem to pour down with rain whenever there’s a festival. When you head off, you need to think about what you bring with you. Of course the basics of a change of clothes, tent and personal effects are what you need to bring but it’s actually advised against taking a phone with you. Even if it doesn’t get lost of broken, you will spend most of your time trying and likely failing to find reception. The internet also doesn’t need another bad quality video of The Kasabians either so instead of bringing a high tech smart phone, try and enjoy yourself in the moment and experience the music and atmosphere properly and not behind a phone screen.

Take a pen and paper with you so if you ever get separated from your friends you can always find them again by leaving a note in the tent. Some choose not to use tents during festivals especially in the event of rubbish weather where you’d be sleeping on top of blow up beds in squelching mud. Local hotels and finding a great BnB in Rye are great choices for those who want the festival experience without the mud facial in the night. Make sure you bring swimwear with you as the festivals held by the Wye River means you can take a dip in the hot summer sunshine.


Lots of festival goers wear fancy dress for fun but as the night goes on that leopard print leotard or Tina Turner wig can get hotter and itchier which really isn’t fun! Festivals are packed with acts and sometimes that can mean it’s a bit of an overload. Choose a few favourite acts to see and see those. Trying to see everything can actually ruin the whole experience for you so pacing yourself is the best option. Every festival has an act you won’t be familiar with so choosing to go and see a new act can really open your eyes! Bring sun cream and a hat with you as there generally isn’t any way to be undercover in an open field.

If you have kids, pick a child friendly event like Bestival and have a blast. These festivals can appeal to all ages and tastes so choosing an extra-large tent and bringing the whole family along is a real experience! Make sure you get a good night’s sleep and always bring spare loo roll and a torch. Festival toilets aren’t the best and always seem to run out of paper really quickly. Bringing your own stops that from happening and having a torch will help you find your way in the night!

Festivals are fun events and should be treated as such but you can only have as much fun as you allow.

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Places to Visit at Christmas

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016

It’s traditional to stay at home and enjoy Christmas with our loved ones with gifts under the tree and a huge Christmas lunch served on a table groaning with dishes full of delicious food for all who sit round it. The idea of going elsewhere for Christmas even for a visit over the few days can be an alien concept but surprisingly, more and more people are choosing to go away for the holiday itself. Choosing a great company to research some Christmas break aways for you isn’t difficult with the advent of the internet, Google can give us thousands of results immediately of the best places to visit over Christmas. If the thought of the holiday season at home again with the endless round of family visits and visitors feels like too much hard work, why not change things up? There are so many options out there for an exciting break away from it all over the festive season and in this guide we’ve put together something that will give you tips on where to go. We don’t just focus on the coach holidays to Ireland you can take around the UK but on the sun seekers destinations. Have a look through the guide and see whether there’s anything that takes your fancy!


  • Malta: At Christmas, Malta lights up with lots of decorations from the beachside cafes and bars to the historical streets and churches of the country’s capital. The compact, cosy little island is perfect for exploring the ancient fortified towns and neighbouring tiny Gozo, or simply relaxing in your seaside resort hotel.
  • Spain: Choosing to stay in the lively city of Barcelona for a short break and explore the wild coast of the Costa Brava on Christmas Day. Or, spend Christmas Day relaxing in a hotel spa in the hills of Andalucia, enjoying various trips to Seville, home of the flamenco and Granada with its beautiful palaces.
  • Cyprus: The town of beautiful Paphos will be looking forward to its year as European Capital of Culture this year over Christmas and you can join the celebrations over Christmas Eve dinner and perhaps a visit from the Cypriot Father Christmas for the kids! The mild winter weather is better to handle than the colder weather in the English countryside! It’s perfect for visiting the archaeological sites!
  • Portugal: If you choose to base yourself in the peaceful resort of Estoril, you’ll be among gorgeous seaside walks and only a short hop from the beautiful city of Lisbon and the perfect base for sightseeing in the former royal playground of Sintra. Head south to the Algarve if you are able to. It is the sunshine coast of the country is absolutely and perfect at Christmas time.
  • Canary Island Cruise: Not many people know this, but you can sail south to the sun on a Christmas and New Year cruise from Bristol. Christmas Day is spent celebrating at sea and Boxing Day in Gibraltar on a two week cruise to the Canary Islands and Madeira, 500 miles from the coast of Africa in the Atlantic.
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Why Melbourne?

Posted by on Oct 13, 2016

When you choose to move across the globe you are not only throwing your whole life up in the air but the lives of everyone around you, especially the family you are bringing over. Our response to that is: who cares? It’s your life, you only get one of them and if you choose not to go based on other people and their emotions then you are short changing yourself and your family. Choosing something as huge like the choice to relocate to Melbourne for example can’t be done lightly or on a whim as things like this take large amounts of research.


Emigrating from the UK or any other country in the world to another is a long, daunting and overwhelmingly exciting process. There are several Australian Immigration and visa options for potential Australian migrants. Australia accepts people from overseas for permanent settlement under the migration programme and the humanitarian programme. The migration programme caters for those wishing to migrate over in search of a better and more fulfilling life. There are two categories for migrants; skilled and business. The humanitarian programme covers family migrants and special eligibility. Going through that process is pricey, we won’t lie, but when you get here and you’ve looked around for Melbourne accommodation places, you won’t regret it. There is just so much to see and do in Melbourne so it’s never a decision you will regret and let’s be honest, you can always go back again if it isn’t for you.

Did you know that there is a convention centre in Melbourne that has won some of Australia’s most prestigious awards? It opened in 1996 and has been a spot for events, business meetings and various parties through the year. As a tourist, especially if on a gap year and interested in buildings, you’ll appreciate the stunning architectural brilliance. The centre itself has 52 meeting rooms, a plenary and 30,000 square miles of exhibition space. The best bit? MCEC is the first centre in the world to be awarded a 6-star green star environment rating and you can’t get better than that! The Melbourne Convention Centre is set right on the Yarra River. The views themselves are simply stunning and the centre itself is a building of metropolitan existence.

From 2012-2015 the convention centre has been recognised as Australasia’s Leading Meeting and Conference Centre by the World Travel Awards. The spaces, technology, food and drink and staff have the skills and experience to bring the whole exhibition together. Events of all sizes are run here and the actual space is so impressive that the some 5500 chairs in the Plenary Hall can actually fold down into the floor. This creates the space for a large party or event, or a huge dance floor! The windows are floor to ceiling to allow in tons of natural light and allow the guests to see the city of Melbourne in all its morning glory. Given the 6-Star rating for the impact on the environment, the fact so much natural light comes into the convention centre means that energy costs are kept down as much as possible.

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