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Move Out Without Hassle With Canterbury Home Removal Services

Posted by on Jul 24, 2017

Why waste your time packing your things in moving when you can have Canterbury home removal services do the job for you. They will be able to provide your needs from moving to storage. They can provide from packing materials, large storage facility, vehicles, etc. to help you move out without a hassle. In Canterbury Storage space you will be able to have big space to put some of your important stuff or even your whole stuff; it is safe from all weather conditions so you can rest your head that your things would be safe.

Removal services can help you rest your head from all the process of moving out which is very stressful and takes a lot of effort and time. You need to do the packing, loading, carrying heavy items, carefully store the fragile things, etc. There’s a lot of work to be done, and it would surely take your whole time than spending it with your family or friends. The moving company has the solution for your changing needs because they would be able to provide people, essential things, storage area, and vehicle and gives you advice for a better moving experience.


One of the important things that you would get from these moving companies is the quotation of how would your rising cost after they do the estimation, but you always have a choice to do the moving. You can customize for your moving for those who are in budget or who want to handle the job on their own and let the expert movers focus on delivering your things.

They have a proper way of doing everything so they would keep their customers stuff safe wherever and whenever they are going to deliver it. The movers have in-depth knowledge and follow proper moving process to provide quality moving experience for their customers. They have enough tools, equipment, and vehicle for certain types of stuff that requires extra care, so there is nothing for you to worry about because these experts know what it needs to be done and have standards to follow to keep your things safe wherever you want them to be delivered.

Whether you have mansion house with hundreds of stuff to be moved out, they will have something for your needs and has an available vehicle for certain types of running. If you’re moving far away from their standard areas, it would be possible too. All you have to do is talk to their estimator and tell them what they need to know so they could provide help and things that would be necessary to get things done. It is one of the essential things that you should do so they would be able to help you achieve your goal in moving, and they would do their part, in making your moving experience better and safer. But you should expect to pay extra for moving far from their standard areas.

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Why Now Is Time To Buy Abroad

Posted by on Jun 29, 2017

390815209_ddb7564c70_oIt’s the end of the high season for holiday home owners across the UK, and it’s also a great time to start thinking about becoming an owner with restlessearth.comif you aren’t already. The popularity of letting out holiday homes has only grown in recent years, and more and more people are starting to realise how rewarding buying a holiday let can be.

Buying a holiday let with restlessearth.com is a big decision to make, we understand that, so to help you along the way we’ve written a list of 5 great reasons you should get into letting a holiday home. There’s currently a huge boost in UK tourism. UK residents are increasingly choosing to stay on these shores for their holidays. With the recent economic turbulence, Brits are visiting areas around the UK (and spending their money) rather than hopping on a plane and heading abroad.  A recent survey by Great Britain Tourism found that visitor numbers increased by 12% in the first half of 2015, and the indication is that that number hasn’t been shrinking since. As well as Brits, tourists from further afield have also been heading to the UK in their droves. The recent EU referendum led to a large drop in the pound, which meant that visiting Britain became a lot cheaper for international visitors, who in return spent more.

Let’s be realistic, everyone loves the idea of being their own boss. With a holiday home you could make that a reality! You can decide your working hours, control your calendar, and decide how you want to run things. Buying a holiday let can also be great if you’re retired but aren’t quite ready to give up working completely as those summer months are bound to keep you on your toes. On large properties, you can earn up to £30,000 a year. That’s a fantastic earner, particularly if the holiday let is a side project. As well as rental income, you can offset expenses including full mortgage interest against the rental income if you operate under the ‘furnished holiday letting’ rules. You can also get entrepreneurs’ relief, which cuts any potential capital gains tax take to 10%.

Your holiday let won’t just benefit you, it’ll benefit your local area. Guests staying in your property won’t be sat inside all week, they’ll be out and about spending their money in local restaurants, shops, and attractions. In March this year, the industry saw a 23% increase in spending on last year – a fantastic boost for your local area and the great businesses that are based within it. If you live in a different area to your holiday let, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of it! Treat yourself to a long weekend in your home-from-home and give yourself the chance to enjoy what you’ve created for your guests. Just be wary of friends and family who want to ‘borrow’ it for a week in July!

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Making An Investment Abroad

Posted by on Jun 27, 2017

Discover the potential advantages of overseas property investment and learn about the main differences between investing in property abroad and in the UK. You can find property with restlessearth.com but why should you?

Why invest in overseas property?

If you’re considering how to invest your money, you may be attracted to overseas property by claims of better capital growth and higher rental yields than buy-to-let property in the UK. There’s also the added advantage of having your own holiday home which you can visit when it’s not being let out.511728582

However, there are many responsibilities that come with letting a home and it may be harder to fulfil those responsibilities for overseas properties. It could also be tougher to get to grips with the different laws and taxes surrounding property ownership in a foreign country. You can get support when you buy with restlessearth.com.

Where to invest in overseas property

If you want your overseas property to be a good investment, it’s important to think long-term.

Property experts will constantly highlight new markets they deem to be investment hotspots and you may be able to find bargains in countries where prices have fallen dramatically, but it’s often wiser to buy in more established markets. This will be a safer long-term investment and it’s likely to be easier to find a good mortgage deal if you need one. Our guide on mortgages for overseas property explains more. Make sure your property is in an easily accessible location with good local amenities and in an area popular with tourists. Don’t forget to take into account the holiday season in the area – many tourist destinations virtually shut down when it comes to the end of the season.

Find out what the going rate is to rent similar properties in the area to get a realistic idea of how much you could make. Or, even better, if the property you’re considering buying is already being rented out, find out how much the current owner charges and how many weeks per year the property is occupied for.

Finding tenants for your overseas property

Attracting business and managing the property yourself could be difficult, especially if you’re in the UK most of the time. It can be a good idea to market your property through a local estate agent but you will need to take its fees into account, especially if you want the agent to manage the property. Cheaper marketing options include dedicated holiday lettings websites. Word of mouth through family and friends is another good way to find potential paying guests.

Rental income

You must pay income tax on rent you receive. You can deduct some expenses from your rental income to reduce taxable profits, but only those that relate to your lettings business (not to personal use). You will also need to make sure the property is up to a certain standard.  Factor in cleaning costs, maintenance costs and the possibility of void periods when deciding whether overseas property investment is for you.

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