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Why Melbourne?

Posted by on Oct 13, 2016

When you choose to move across the globe you are not only throwing your whole life up in the air but the lives of everyone around you, especially the family you are bringing over. Our response to that is: who cares? It’s your life, you only get one of them and if you choose not to go based on other people and their emotions then you are short changing yourself and your family. Choosing something as huge like the choice to relocate to Melbourne for example can’t be done lightly or on a whim as things like this take large amounts of research.


Emigrating from the UK or any other country in the world to another is a long, daunting and overwhelmingly exciting process. There are several Australian Immigration and visa options for potential Australian migrants. Australia accepts people from overseas for permanent settlement under the migration programme and the humanitarian programme. The migration programme caters for those wishing to migrate over in search of a better and more fulfilling life. There are two categories for migrants; skilled and business. The humanitarian programme covers family migrants and special eligibility. Going through that process is pricey, we won’t lie, but when you get here and you’ve looked around for Melbourne accommodation places, you won’t regret it. There is just so much to see and do in Melbourne so it’s never a decision you will regret and let’s be honest, you can always go back again if it isn’t for you.

Did you know that there is a convention centre in Melbourne that has won some of Australia’s most prestigious awards? It opened in 1996 and has been a spot for events, business meetings and various parties through the year. As a tourist, especially if on a gap year and interested in buildings, you’ll appreciate the stunning architectural brilliance. The centre itself has 52 meeting rooms, a plenary and 30,000 square miles of exhibition space. The best bit? MCEC is the first centre in the world to be awarded a 6-star green star environment rating and you can’t get better than that! The Melbourne Convention Centre is set right on the Yarra River. The views themselves are simply stunning and the centre itself is a building of metropolitan existence.

From 2012-2015 the convention centre has been recognised as Australasia’s Leading Meeting and Conference Centre by the World Travel Awards. The spaces, technology, food and drink and staff have the skills and experience to bring the whole exhibition together. Events of all sizes are run here and the actual space is so impressive that the some 5500 chairs in the Plenary Hall can actually fold down into the floor. This creates the space for a large party or event, or a huge dance floor! The windows are floor to ceiling to allow in tons of natural light and allow the guests to see the city of Melbourne in all its morning glory. Given the 6-Star rating for the impact on the environment, the fact so much natural light comes into the convention centre means that energy costs are kept down as much as possible.

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Living the Dream: Types of Visa

Posted by on Oct 13, 2016

Emigrating from the UK or any other country in the world to another is a long, daunting and overwhelmingly exciting process. There are tons of ways to get yourself from a to b but firstly you have to choose where it is you actually would like to go. For this particular article, we’ve chosen Australia as your destination of choice because we are going to discuss the different visa types that can get you to your dream forever home.

  • Australia Electronic Travel Authority (ETA): This is issued electronically and you’ll get a confirmation email once it’s approved. You don’t have 236302157_2dcf4520ed_zto send in any documents to the Travel and Visa office for processing and this visa is sent via email. Typically this is used as a temporary holiday visa so if you’re planning to head over to Melbourne and you’ve booked your Melbourne Short-Term Accommodation for the time of your stay your visa is easily issued.
  • Business (ETA): This one is pretty self explanatory and it is for business visits for up to three months at a time. The person travelling has to apply online for this one and state their reason for travelling.
  • Australian Tourist (non-ETA): This one is different from the previously mentioned ETA and it is for travellers who intend to stay in Australia for a period longer than 90 days as a tourist. Once your visa is granted to you, you are able to book into accommodation so have a good Google for places to stay Melbourne.
  • Australian Transit Visa: If you intend to pass through immigration, leave the airport transit area or remain in Australia for longer than eight hours, this is the visa you require. Of course, it’s common as no one flies from England to Australia for twenty six hours only to stay in the airport!
  • Australia Journalism Travel Visa: This one really depends on the nature of your visit to Australia. You may require a temporary business (short stay) Australia visa, a temporary business (long stay) Australia visa, an entertainment Australia visa or a media film staff Australia visa for travelling.
  • Australia Diplomat/Official Visa: Business visitors who are genuine and are seeking short term entry to Australia of up to three months for purposes such as official visits, to attend meetings, conferences, business negotiations, exploratory visits, undertaking training or building inspections. This is the perfect visa for political interest.

These visas are very different from each other but are still serving the same purpose of getting you into Australia. These do differ from the employment and permanent visas you will see advertised if you intend on staying in Australia for longer than a visit or a holiday. Gap year visas also fall into a different category than the ones above. Travelling to Australia doesn’t have to be stressful if you know when you are going and how long you are staying.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holiday in a Luxury Ski Chalet

Posted by on Sep 28, 2016

Holidays are the days that people wait for within a year. It is the time where people spend their time relaxing and having a good time with loved ones or even having fun all by themselves. Today, there are many ways to spend the holiday. Whether you go for an outdoor activity or an indoor activity. However, in this article, we will talk about spending the holiday in a luxury ski chalet. If you are the type of person who is in with an outdoor and fun activity while spending your vacation, then spending in a luxury ski chalets holiday will be a great idea. Skiing has been a great outdoor activity, not just for adults but also for the family including small children. That is why here are three reasons why you should spend your holiday in a luxury ski chalet.


  1. You will not just experience great comfort from your vacation, but you will also experience fun and enjoyment with skiing

Spending your holiday in a luxury place will give you the comfort and relaxing environment you have been longing for. But if you want to have a twist on your vacation then consider spending it in a luxury ski chalet. You will not just feel relaxed and enjoy the luxurious stuff, but you will also going to enjoy the skiing session. It is like a two-in-one package that you will truly enjoy.

  1. It is a perfect getaway with your family

If you want a luxurious vacation with your family that you want your kids to enjoy, then choosing to go in a luxury ski chalet will be a perfect idea. Your kids will totally love the skiing and all the fun and enjoyable activities they can do while on vacation. It is truly a family friendly getaway since you can all participate in the skiing activities offered. You and your kids or family will have fun, and they will even consider it as the best vacation so far.

  1. You will experience gourmet ski breaks

When you are tired of skiing and want to take a break for awhile, you can check the gourmet section of the chalet. They will serve a variety of food that you will surely love and drool over. Who does not want a food break after a long and enjoyable activity, right? So experiencing a gourmet ski break is surely a magnificent add-on when you have a vacation in a luxury ski chalet. They offer not just snacks for a break but also breakfast, dinner meals, and even dessert if you have a sweet tooth.

So if you are planning your next vacation with your family already, consider spending your holiday in a luxury ski chalet and you will surely not regret it. You will enjoy and have fun, and the cost you spent will be worth it. If you want to have a memorable and joyful vacation that is not very typical today, then go for a skiing vacation in a luxury chalet with your family now.

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