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Three Tips for Moving Onto A Boat

Posted by on Jun 8, 2017

There are a lot of things that are fantastic about moving onto a boat. The great lifestyle is one of them I mean, who wouldn’t want to live on a boat? You get to be surrounded by the ocean and the endless sky, surrounded by nature and surrounded by the laid back attitudes of other boaters. The freedom to come and go as you please on the water or the shore and you don’t have the chains of a desk holding you back anymore. But how do you make that transition? Companies like brownellsystems.com can ensure your boat is in the correct marina waiting for you to embark on your new life. It’s hard enough moving house but when you need to downsize enough to live on a boat, it’s tough and especially difficult if you’re someone who likes to hold on to things. There are three very important tips to remember that can get you started toward living on a boat and enjoying beautiful sunsets.4914955336_60a0a084d5_o

  • Lose the material things
  • Lose the bills
  • Lose the worry

It seems pretty straightforward to lose the material things in life but you would be amazed how hard it can be to go from living in a full house full of your things and furniture to a 3-500 square foot boat. Don’t worry though, the hardest bit is just the beginning as getting rid of things that you’ve considered a prized possession that you haven’t looked at in years can be painful. Plan on car boot sales, bulk eBay listings and plenty of Facebook posts to empty your house and earn in the process. Utilise companies like brownellsystems.com to move your boat to the correct mooring ready for you. After you’ve got rid of your excess things via sales or the local tip, plan on storing any remaining things in a family members home or a paid storage unit. If you do this for six months to a year, then you can review after this time and anything you still don’t need or find as important as you used to you can then chuck or sell on and save yourself further possible storage fees. If you do this a few times you’ll guarantee that all you need is on that 500 square foot of home you want to live in.

The second step of losing the bills is more of a practical one as it’s so easy to forget to cancel things like subscriptions that you cannot use on the water and by cutting your overheads by simplifying your expenses you are buying yourself that freedom on the water. It can be hard to sail away into the sunset if you’re still paying for a sky bill or magazine subscription. You won’t be able to keep going to the gym or go to Blockbusters on a Friday night. Every pound you save is a pound you don’t have to earn.

The last point of losing the worry means letting go of the attitude toward time and work. Stop worrying about the hours in the day as time on a boat slows down significantly. Living on a boat is not a lifestyle it’s also a life and to get the most out of living on a boat you can’t function the same way you would living on the shore. Relax, enjoy and know that time on your boat is time well spent.

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